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Thank you for your interest in Contributing in “I Can’tBelieve it Blog. Please read through the guidelines before submitting your article.

Post Topics
We are looking for high-quality posts that fit the theme of ICBI Page & our Blog. Anything in the following subjects would be welcome:
  •         Unbelievable Things, Facts, Incidents.
  •         Art, Sculptures, Creative installations.
  •         Animals & Nature.
  •         Gadgets, Designs & Futuristic Concepts.
  •         Technology
  •         Odds N Bizarre Things, Facts.
  •         Lists
  •         Interesting Places
What is in for you?
  • Get 2 backlinks, 1 for your website or blog, 1 for Your Social page.
  • Share your knowledge, Experience with ICBI Community.
  • You can add new people to your network.
  • Develop your Writing skills.
  • You can be seen as expert. 
      Note: 2 Backlinks will be included in the Byline section (at the bottom) of the post.
Post Length
Your post should be as long as you need it to be in order to convey knowledge & informative message for our readers. We publish posts that vary greatly in length. Anything goes—length isn't a factor, but quality is. Stick with your own style and voice, and choose a length that sits well with you.
Post Structure
Your Post must content following parts:

  • Title
  • Body Content
  • Byline
  • Credits Links (If post is inspired by someone others work.)
  • Related Images.
Note: Maximum 35 words are allowed for Byline section.

Before you send us your submission, please make sure:
  • It conveys quality, informative, interesting content which suits the theme of our blog.
  • If post is inspired by external source than it must Contains external credit links, Reference links wherever necessary (but no spamming).
  • It infringes no copyright laws.
  • It should include at least one image (mention image credits wherever necessary).
  • Post must be according to the “Structure mentioned above.”
  • We understand the work that it takes to write a blog post. However, the fact that you have written a post and submitted it to us does not obligate us to publish it. The only guest posts we will publish are those that in our sole judgment add value to our readers.
No Links To Unrelated Sites Or Affiliate Links:
You are allowed to link to your work in the bio or your blog, but please note that, we won’t accept posts that link to sites that are unrelated to personal growth. That means that you can’t sell links to your clients from your article. Any link you add in your post should either serve a purpose for the article or shall be a link back to your page but no affiliate links please.
We reserve the right to edit the post as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors) and to reject post that we feel is not appropriate for this web site or for the niche it belongs to.

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