December 18, 2012

Video Shows What Happens When You Pour Boiling Water Off a Balcony in -41C Weather

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Yes, we've featured a video before with someone else performing this trick, but definitely not off the top of an apartment building in Russia. That's right, this guy poured an entire pot of boiling water off the balcony of his top-floor flat. In just 5-days, this video has received over 500,000-views

While it takes time for the energy contained in a hot object to be transferred to a cold object, the rate of heat transfer is proportional to the temperature difference between the two objects. So, boiling water will lose heat faster than cold water. There are some that claim hot water freezes faster because a pot of boiling water can be thrown into the air on a cold winter day, and it freezes in mid air creating a shower of ice crystals. Since boiling water is at a steaming temperature, just throwing it into very cold air will transform it into powder.

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