December 18, 2012

Chinese authorities detains 93 people for spreading Doomsday Rumors

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Chinese authorities have detained 93 people accused of spreading doomsday rumors and arrested a man who slashed 23 children at a school after he was “psychologically affected” by such predictions, the Xinhua state news agency reported on Monday.

The 93 people, from seven provinces, include members of the banned “Almighty God” cult, Xinhua said, adding that they were detained for “handing out leaflets about the apocalypse and spreading rumors”.

“These cult members recently latched on to the Mayan doomsday scenario to predict the sun will not shine and electricity will not work for three days beginning on December 21,” Xinhua said, citing the public security bureau of Xining, capital of the southwestern province of Qinghai.

China has launched a crackdown on the “Almighty God” group, which has also called for a decisive battle” to slay the “Red Dragon” Communist Party.

China’s Communist Party brooks no challenge to its rule and is very keen to maintain social stability. But it has struggled to clamp down on rumors, which often spread quickly on the Internet.

Via: Reuters | China detains 93 for doomsday rumors: Xinhua | Reuters

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balance said...

Freedom, like Truth and Conscience, is innate and is neither something given nor something temporary/of-expediency. This is because that which is given, apart from being relative and therefore not real, could be taken away. For example, torture will not elicit truth from those who are prepared to retain their freedom of information. A Simplicity which Eludes - especially those sadists known as the blue-eyed, white-skin, 6ft4, supermen torturers lurking within Amerikana. These devolved types exist elsewhere too, of course.

Freedom is the test of Maturity, Maturity being the expression of the Morality innately provisioned within all humans who have developed and maintained Conscience, Morality being the real authority because authority is not something given other than being the authority to master/control/damage another. Morality is neither amorality nor moralising, these being the relativities/religiosities/bad-cousins of Morality, nor is Morality having the ability to copulate, ratonalise or corrupt. Another series of Simplicities that Elude.

As such, when most humans have either yet to develop or maintain Conscience, they are merely of Frivolity & Nonsense, oka Of Relativity, instead being Of Reality. Freedom is not like the "freed" Chinaman whose first act is to sample the freedom of eating some Cowpat burger or watching porno movies, freedom is having the authority to be mature without referring to another. When freedom is merely to do as one pleases without Morality-Maturity, it is merely Abandonment. Yet another Simplicity which Elude the overly developed Of Brain, oka those who are underly developed of Heart - the know-eet-all-really-know-nuffin'-real which infest "Westernised" socieites - those who lack two vital genes which predispose them to being Wild and Wanton, jest like that. Like those who finger-point fron the hip and calling that, "Advanced", "Developed" and that jester, "Free". The freedom to molest a child is not freedom but abandonment.

Freedom is innate and is the test for whether the aspirant has Morality-Maturity-Authority and not the one had been given those if only because when freedom is given,it is merely for some covert agenda, just like the president whose wayward portfolio is kept by Malevolence for "future applications". Witness the fall of that empire known as Amerikana and wonder why people are so mesmerised as to acquiesce to their own demise - exactly the same behaviour as those who lack respect, respect not being Under, oka Self, or Over, oka Others, but being innate as in 24/7, thereby gifting one the ability not to trespass on another because one has realised the ability not to trespass self, 24/,7 and not the superficiality of posturing Respect, Conscience, Truth, Freedom, Maturity, Morality and Authority which is dependent on the event/moment. Again, another Simplicity which Eludes. At this rate, why don't people develop respect for self and then there won't be the need to disrespect another, oka Being Angry, which is latently self, oka Guilt. Yet another Simplicity which Eludes. You got the message now, dearest know-eet-all-really-know-nuffin'-real? Reality is self/empowerment/The-Kinetic whereas others' reality is morely one's relativity/knowledge/The-Potential.

balance said...

Never, ever, fire/finger-point from the hip because that not only exposes you up as being inadequate [not that anyone minds being so], it also means that you are under the control of another, to act-react willy-nilly always draining one's "battery power" for to gifting to Frivolity & Nonsense. This is because when two energy levels meet in the arena of Energy Transformation, the lower level will ALWAYS try to redress the balance. Without one single exception within Relativity, oka Humanity. Realise too, because merely knowing is inadequate, that Respect gifts the ability to value absolutely whereas Over, which is latently Under, Respect only provisions the aspirant to value relatively, Humanity being of Relativity because we cannot exist on our own, humans being the ones who, willy-nilly, would like to master or be mastered by another. Be neither and soon, not only will you elude The Zero Sum, oka the realm of Energy Transformation, you will also stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. Dare one says it - yet Another Simplicity which Eludes. At this rate, why don't people stop eluding their self in-preference-for/to-pay another - unless one is into masochism and similar Fun & Games.

Have a joyous festivity and never, ever, imagine that self is another. Only your puppet-master wants you to believe that, be the puppeteer of The Emotional, The Material, The Intellect, or of The Devolutionary Spiritual. And leave "The Chinese" alone. Haven't the "Westerners" done enough damage to The Earth without incorporating those funny noses? Only within Reality/Divinity [oka Evolutionary Spirituality, which has nothing, as in zero, to do with Religion & Religiosity] does a Beat lacks Percussion whereas with Relativity/Humanity, every beat needs its percussion or else there will be nothing to relate to.

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