December 12, 2012

Ashes to Ashes: Send your Beloved Pet's Cremated Ashes skyward in a Firework Display

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Scattering a loved one’s ashes in water is apparently a thing of the past. At least, as far as pets in Sydney are concerned. Ashes to Ashes, a service run by trained circus performer and pyrotechnician Craig Hull, allows people to part with their pet’s ashes with a bang – sending them up in the air as fireworks, descending onto the waters of Sydney Harbor as their final resting place.

Ashes to Ashes helps people all over Sydney get over the grief of losing their beloved pets in a manner that celebrates life. For A$950 (that’s about US$990), the service will send up the pet’s ashes in a fireworks display complete with soundtrack, catering and a bar.” The animals are done in groups of four, and Hull says that pet owners like to show each other photos of their dogs, sharing their memories. He wants to give the same opportunity to humans in solo shows (at A$4,800), but no one has taken up the offer so far. Hull agrees that, “it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I believe it will become a common thing one day.” Hull is so confident that his idea will become popular someday, he’s even investigating the possibility of sending ashes into outer space. “People are so creative they’ll want lots of different things; they’ll want to be spread over four different cities simultaneously, to the second.” Perhaps, soon enough, gone will be the days when pets were buried in shoe boxes in the backyard, and humans in graveyards.

They offer to capture the memory on HD video and also make available a beautifully bound photo book of images of your choice and photos of the special night, they also offer a stunning solid glass paper weight which we would have a tiny amount of the cremated ashes set inside as well as a small amount of colored glass of your choice.

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