December 18, 2012

2400-Year Old Mummy having Brain Removal Tool Inside Skull, Discovered

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Brain-removal tool, which was used by the ancient Egyptian embalmers, was discovered by the researchers of Zagreb Croatia in the third week of December 2012. This brain-removal tool was lodged in skull of the female mummy which dated back to approximately 2400 years. This was the 3-inch object which was found in body of the 40-year old woman. The researchers who discovered this tool were surprised by the breakthrough.

2400-Year Old Mummy with Brain Removal

Brain removal was the Egyptian mummification procedure which was quite popular around 3500 years ago. It was also used extensively in later periods. It is important to note here that identification of the ancient tools which were used by the embalmers for brain removal was very difficult. Researchers also noted that this was the 2nd time when this kind of a tool was found in the skull of a mummy. 

After the CT scans were carried out, the researchers found a tool or an instrument which was located between the left parietal bone as well as the rear of skull. This was filled with the resin during the process of mummification. 
Curious about the recent discovery, the team of researchers also made use of the endoscope (a thin tube that is used for noninvasive medical processes), in order to extract it from the resin with which it remained stuck.

2400-Year Old Mummy with Brain Removal

The researchers found out that the embalmers might have inserted this tool through a hole which was made in skull near nose. This was later used for liquifying as well as removing the brain. The researcher, Dr Mislav Čavka of University Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb Croatia explained that this brain-removal tool was extracted using the clamp with the help of endoscope. Some of the parts of brain might be wrapped around the stick and extracted while others might be liquefied during the mummification process. 

The mummy could be put on the abdomen then and liquid might be drained through hole of the nose. The researcher also added that leaving this tool in the skull of the mummy was an error on the part of embalmers. The researcher also added that possibly the tool might have been broken during the process.

2400-Year Old Mummy with Brain Removal

This embalming accident which might have occurred provided the researchers with rare artifact. The researchers found out that brain-removal tool or stick found in the skull of the mummy dated back to some 2200 years. At present this mummy is in Archaeological Museum in Zagreb Croatia.

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