November 9, 2012

Eggs Soaked in the Pee of Virgin Boys is a Real Chinese Delicacy

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In some parts of the world, insects like crickets and roaches are served up as delicacies. In others, they’re simply regarded (or disregarded) as pests. But did you know that some people, the Chinese in particular, find eggs that have been soaked in the urine of virgin boys appetizing? It’s so good that it’s even considered a delicacy.

It sounds bizarre, but I kid you not. Called ‘virgin boy eggs’, these treats have been served for the last twenty or so years. The locals believe that it gives them some sort of health boost, claiming that it decreases body heats, promotes better circulation, and invigorates the body. The doctors, however, find it unsanitary for obvious reasons.

If you’re curious, the taste of these eggs are described as ‘fresh’ and ‘salty.’ The salty part, I get, but fresh? How can they taste fresh after being boiled for hours in urine? To each their own, I suppose.
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Garry Clelland said...

i do not care what anyone says ........''its a cultural thing blah blah ''' or some other such rubbish ...........this is fuckin WRONG on so many levels and should be stopped , on health grounds , on moral grounds and just on plain common sense decency !
theres a sick pervyness to this ..................yuck .

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